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"How We Are Creating the TTCI/PBF Vision - A Prospectus"

*60 page monograph series publication of the Ikologiks Institute for Global Studies, published by AKU Press International (pub. 2018).

A New Release!

An empowering manifesto on human transformation potential and changing the course of globalization.

How We Are Creating the TTCI/PBF Vision

This book is a Prospectus and Guide for anyone wishing to understand or explore:

  • How to start a Prosenus Building Forum
  • What is the goal of a PBF?
  • How do the PBF globally prepare us for the creation of TTCI

What Type of Globalization Do You Advocate?

Generation after generation has been groomed and poised to see the purpose of life and existence in materialism (consumerism, careerism, wealth accumulation, personal success and pleasure-seeking). While, religion gives us notions of sin and guilt about so called "worldly pleasures". Seldom are we affordable a means of self-empowering human transformation vehicles to make change in ourselves (within) and the world (without). 

This small booklet gives a blazing manifesto on how we can create a paradigm shift in global consciousness.

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We began in 1981 with a quite simple idea and vision (AKU Press International). 

We wanted to offer media solutions, quality book publishing  and copywriting services, as well as, event production coordination or promotions

 that help transform us from within in making a difference in the world without.

The eclectic vision of AKU has evolved from 1981 into the 21st century with a renewed and diversified focus on meeting the objectives cited above.

Our #1 Bestselling Series: The Yoga Therapy Handbook (Four Book Set)


This four-volume book set is based upon a scientific approach to Yoga Therapy protocols for physical, mental and spiritual healing

Founder (CEO), Senior Editor & Author


"I've upheld an eclectic vision of facilitating mechanisms for Human Transformation Potential for fifty years and AKU Media Productions is a prime conduit for a host of these visionary ideas." -- Roger M. Davis

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